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Justin Grimbol’s books are the best.

They are about life and being fat and having fun and being alive. And also butts. They are all about butts. So many butts.

And NAKED FRIENDS is no different.

Boner is just a normal dude. He’s just living life. Eating meatloaf and living in his tricked out, totally metal pimp my ride minivan. He’s fat, but it’s okay because women love the flub. And he has definitely never licked a butt.

One day while he’s hanging out in his minivan, checking facebook or whatever, he receives a message from someone requesting his services as a private investigator. Which is weird because Boner is not a private investigator.

Life, man, it’s always throwing you curveballs.

Before he can simply ignore the message he remembers that he sometimes posts random silly ads to craigslist. Ads in which he offers his services as a massage therapist (specializing in butt massages) or as a video game specialist. Or even as a private investigator. But his customers are always catching on to the fact that he isn’t a professional, so they never really amount to anything.

But he really could use the money. So he goes to meet the guy.

His client, Jake, is a weird dude. And he’s convinced that he’s being followed by two muscular guys who are trying to rape him.

Throughout the investigation Boner will interact with sexy nerds and D&D players and exercise-crazy grandmothers and an old friend who goes by the name The Doctor and his three crazy girlfriends.

There will be drugs and booze and, yes, the licking of butts.

Like most of Justin Grimbol’s other books NAKED FRIENDS is fun and ridiculous and gross and silly. But it is so much more than all of that. His characters are real. They have history and personalities. They have heart. They are real people. They hurt and love and laugh.

It’s refreshing, reading Justin Grimbol. There’s an energy in his work that I don’t really see in most other writers.

I love Justin Grimbol. I love his writing, and I love him as a person.

He’s one cool dude.